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Mouse - Collectible Toy

Creating 3D Art with ZBrush.


Painting with tempera.


Abstract Eye

Painting prepared with tempera.

Martenitsa Card

Prepare greeting cards for clients of ISDC about bulgarian traditional
symbol of health, luck and reviving nature - martenitsa. Happy Baba Marta!

Character Design - cat

Vector digital drawing of cat character.


Poster A3 for ISDC Fun Team - graphic design.

Abstract Hearts II

Painting prepared with tempera.

Abstract Fishes

Painting prepared with tempera.

Animated Mouse

Vector digital drawing of mouse character.


Painting prepared with tempera.

facts & numbers

Great design is about more than style, it’s about being yourself.

years working as web designer
years working as graphic designer
worldwide clients from 4 countries
coffees till now
companies that worked in

Applications and animations

Here, you can check my designs about some applications and different animations:


It is nice to hear some good words for your work. Read below some recommendations for me:

  • Avatar

    Petar Tahchiev

    was Lyubina's client

    Lyubina is very dedicated to her work and produced great results for the tasks she was given. Hard-working, talented and reliable, she is also very skilled and was always coming with great suggestions on any CSS or HTML issues we had.

    I would totally recommend her for any new project that we have.

    Skill Level:
  • Avatar

    Alina Marginean

    managed Lyubina indirectly at ISDC

    I worked with Lyubina on implementing a new corporate website. She is a very knowledgeable and eager front end specialist, familiar with latest trends and best practices in web design and development. Besides, she has a very good intuition in translating stakeholder requirements into concrete, attractive web products.

    She has a high level of creativity when it comes to web design and can inspire others to think outside the box. She likes challenging assignments!

    Skill Level:
  • Avatar

    Jeroen van Hertum

    managed Lyubina at ISDC

    Lyubina is a hard-working, open-minded and creative person. In our company she worked for international clients and had to communicate and understand the visual requirements from people in different cultures. She managed very well (and this is very difficult). Also she is open for feedback and eager to learn (also new technologies required for the web-designers job).

    In our company she supported several teams and several clients. So I can say we could get a very good overview of her skills. For sure I can say that it’s a pleasure to work with Lyubina. She is precise and communicative.

    Skill Level:
  • Avatar

    Galin Yonchev

    worked directly with Lyubina at ISDC

    Lyubina is highly competent with graphical tools and is able to create amazing graphics. Very high quality work, deep understanding of web technologies, excellent attention to details and an outstanding intuition about what makes great software.
    She has a great picture and overview of what needs to be accomplished and her design for our mobile applications have been successfully launched. Lyubina works great with her peers and core feature team members and she always had a great working relationship with me and my team.

    It is a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend Lyubina to any organization.

    Skill Level:
  • Avatar

    Nayden Gochev

    is from another company

    Lyubina is an easy going person and highly motivated front-end developer and designer.She is one of the most talented visual designers.Her attention to detail, style and creative art is impeccable.She is exceptionally creative person with a wide variety of design software tools and always eager to learn new skills.As an artist, she expresses herself beautifully. As a technical expert,she knows all of the technical tools in depth.

    She has a deep knowledge in the area and have sense for the details and user experience.It has been a pleasure working with Lyubina and I’m sure that she will be a valuable assetto any organization and any team.

    Skill Level:
  • Avatar

    Jory Nagel

    managed Lyubina at ISDC

    Lyubina is a talented designer and great to work with. She knows how to translate clients needs in savvy designs. Besides a sharp eye for detail she’s a great person. Strong work ethics ! and was a real gem in the projects I worked with her.

    Skill Level:
  • Avatar

    Violeta Atanasova

    studied with Lyubina in high-school

    I have known Lyubina for more than 10 years as we were studying together in the high school. She is one of the most positive, friendly and reliable persons who I have ever met. Since I know her, she has always been very hard-working and highly ambitious lady. Even as a student Lyubina demonstrated innovative thinking and creativity, which I find extremely valuable for her profession. She is a highly talented web designer with a lot of successful projects and with a great potential. She possesses strong motivation and desire for professional development. Lyubina is constantly seeking for opportunities to learn new things within her field and to improve her skills. She is pro-active, self-confident and a good team-player.

    Skill Level:
  • Avatar

    Simeon Angelov

    worked directly with Lyubina at ISDC

    I experienced Lyubina as one of the best multidisciplinary visual artists. I worked with her for more that 3 years in different kind of projects in Innovity and later on in iSDC. I was impressed of her great creativity and professionalism. It’s like a enshrined in her to create wonderful and really user friendly and wonderful design.

    She is also a nice colleague to work with and team collaborative hard worker player.

    Skill Level:
  • Avatar

    Dimitar Dragiev

    worked directly with Lyubina at ISDC

    I have worked with Lyubina on several mobile projects and i can say that she has a very keen eye for detail. Lyubina is a very hard-working and dedicated person and it is a pleasure to work with her.

    Skill Level:
  • Avatar

    Georgi Eftimov

    worked directly with Lyubina at ISDC

    Lyubina is a talented designer and great to work with.Not only is she an amazing designer, but she also has ingenious web skills with an eye for detail. Lyubina is very innovative and always looking for new solutions and fresh ideas that can advance her knowledge to exceed her client’s expectations and goals.

    Lyubina is a fun person to work with, and always helpful and perceptive.

    She is a passionate designer and always seems to have great awareness of new creative strategies and technology, which makes her a great asset to any company.

    Skill Level:

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