Overflow Summer

Overflow is very simple but very addictive board game. The game was originally developed as a project in New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria.

As you see, the board is divided in 8×8 cells. Each cell may contain a piece of size one, two or three. Initially each player has two size three pieces.

The players take turns to select one of their own pieces to be increased one in size. If a size three piece is selected, it will “overflow”, which means that it will be split into four small pieces, which are then distributed to the neighbor cells (left, right, up, down). If a neighbor is also a size three piece, it will also “overflow”. Thus you can get rather long chain reactions.

The opponents pieces can only be won by “overflowing” your own pieces into them. If one of your pieces is distributed to a cell occupied by one of the opponent’s pieces, that piece changes color and is increased by one in size. That way you can win an entire chain of the opponent’s pieces in one move, if you play wisely.

Pieces that falls off the edge of the board are lost. Don’t worry too much about this though, the game is not about having many pieces, just about having ALL the pieces.

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